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Sansin Exterior


Sansin Dec: Deep penetrating two-coat protection.
Sansin Dec is formulated with higher solids and stronger pigmentation to look better and last longer. But since even the toughest decks need to be maintained, Sansin Dec makes it easy to keep your deck looking beautiful with just a simple cleaning and maintenance coat. Available in a huge selection of stunning colors.

Sansin SDF

Sansin SDF: A penetrating one-coat finish for exterior wood.
Sansin SDF provides tough, effective protection for wood siding. SDF’s specially formulated oils and resins penetrate into the wood, providing outstanding weather and UV protection in a wide range of natural, semi-transparent and even solid colors. Thanks to SDF’s unique water-borne technology, it can provide complete protection in just one coat – although a second coat will provide an even more beautiful and richer finish.
And because SDF is designed to be highly water-repellent, it’s a natural choice for homes and structures in moisture-rich environments. Not only does SDF protect the outside of your wood, it also protects the inside by allowing the wood to “breathe” which helps prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot.
SDF is rated by siding manufacturers as one of the best Naturals finishes available.


Sansin ENS a beautiful premium finish for any project, new or old.
Sansin ENS is a durable two-coat finish that can be applied to virtually any surface – from millwork, to siding, to decks and even to improve the performance of other coatings. That’s because ENS is self-priming and offers exceptional adhesion to almost any surface, resulting in a satin or gloss finish of exceptional beauty.
ENS is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolor over time, and provides some of the toughest UV protection available. For even longer maintenance cycles, undercoat Sansin ENS with SDF or Classic. Whatever your project, the exceptional characteristics of ENS – in either natural, semi-transparent or solid finishes – will raise it to a new standard of beauty and durability.


Sansin Classic, high-performance penetrating system for log homes.
Classic is the ultimate finish for logs and big timbers – easily maintained, it can keep wood beautiful literally for decades. This low-lustre three-coat penetrating formula not only enhances the natural beauty of wood, it also allows it to breathe. A log home requires more than protection from sun and rain – the sheer size of the wood demands a coating that “breathes” freely to prevent moisture from getting trapped and rotting the log from within.
Not surprisingly, Classic works just as well on other exterior vertical surfaces, like shakes, shingles, siding and fences. Whatever the application, your wood will be protected with an ultra-violet (UV) and water-repellent shield of lasting and remarkable beauty. Classic is easy to apply – with simple soap and water clean-up – and easy to maintain.
If you’re looking for the absolute best in log home and big timber coatings, the Sansin Classic system provides exceptional exterior wood protection anywhere beautiful color, low maintenance and a natural, low-lustre breathable finish is desired.