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Cottage Paint Products

Cottage Paint is a local Ontario company that manufactures a wide variety of products to refinish furniture.

From their original clay based Cottage Paint to their newer Serenity Mineral based paint line Cottage Paint has the products to help you get your piece done.  

Cottage Paint also has a variety of topcoats, waxes, pastes as well as transfer gel which allows you to personalize your project.

We at Colour Oasis are long standing Cottage Paint dealers and many of our staff members have completed numerous projects ourselves.  If you need some help or guidance on to create a particular effect, feel free to ask, we would be pleased to help. 



Discover Cottage Paint’s wide range of user-friendly creative products and unleash the furniture artisan in you. Learn how to easily add a decorative or artistic component to put your personal touch on your furniture piece.


Top Coats Overview

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How to Drybrush

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Antique Finishing Glaze

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Color & Seal

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Easy Crackle

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Metallic Wax

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Texture Paste

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Texture Paste Diamonds

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Transfer Gel & Oil

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Cottage Paint Antique Finishing Glaze
Antique Finishing Glaze

Cottage Paint Antique Glaze is so simple to apply, and the effects are fabulous!

Just wipe or brush on the colored gel to age a surface and/or accent ornate detailing on furniture.

The gel can also be rubbed back to create a softer, more subtle, antiqued look.

Available in six colours, Asphaltum, Midnight, Umber, Mahogany, Molasses, Redwood.

This glaze allows you to easily play with the tone of the paint color. Adding the Midnight Glaze on top of Crimson Red paint makes the red richer and emphasizes the grain in the wood.

Generously apply with a brush or damp sponge in the same direction as the wood grain. Then slowly remove with a clean damp brush or sponge until the desired effect is achieved.

This product will offer a protective coating for light to casual use.

Available in 8 oz containers that cover approximately 30-50 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Easy Glaze
Easy Glaze

This product gives you to option of making your own color of glaze by adding any color of Cottage Paint.

Simply add a little bit of paint and stir it in to create a glaze in any of our paint colors.

Add the paint to the glaze at a ratio of 1:4. Generously apply with a brush or damp sponge in the same direction as the wood grain. Then remove with a clean damp brush or sponge to achieve the desired effect.

For a smooth even effect, stroke with the damp brush or sponge in the same direction as the wood grain.

This product needs a Cottage Paint clear top coat for added protection.

This product can also be used as a pouring medium for paint pouring applications.

Available in 8oz containers which cover approximately 30-50 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Colour & Seal
Color & Seal

An easy way to update your old wood finish on cabinets or furniture without having to strip it down to the bare wood.

This transparent color and sealer all-in-one, offers new life to tired old wood finishes.

Use Color & Seal for many other applications.

This semi-transparent water based coating performs two functions. It colors and seals all-in-one. Color & Seal changes the color and renews the finish of furniture and cabinetry without having to remove the old finish.


Clean the surface and remove all dirt, grease or wax using “Clean and Prep” cleaner.

Gently scuff the old finish with 200 (or greater) grit sanding foam pad in the same direction as the wood grain. This will remove surface imperfections and improve adhesion. Do not penetrate through to the bare wood.

Color Seal will not hide color variations found on the original surface.

Mix well before use.


Step 1: using a soft flat brush or lambs wool applicator, apply Color & Seal in the same direction as the wood grain. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: If a deeper tone is desired apply another coat of the same color or add a complimentary color to create a multi-toned effect. Allow to dry overnight.

If a different sheen is preferred or extra protection is required apply a Cottage Paint varnish.

Available in 8oz containers which cover approximately 30-50 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Bling Diamond Dust
Bling Diamond Dust

Add a delicate sparkling effect to any furniture or wall surface. The tiny silver sparkle is suspended in a water-based clear low luster medium and can be applied over any painted surface.

Can be brushed or rolled on to a previously painted surface, including furniture, cabinets, and walls to create a subtle twinkling effect. Add more sparkle by adding another coat.

8oz covers 30-40 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Rock'n Rhinestones
Bling Rock’n Rhinestones

Add some SASS to your past! This Bling product will definitely command attention in any room.  The large silver glitter will add a definite WOW factor to furniture, walls, and fabric.

It can be applied many different ways using stencils or taping off shapes on furniture or walls. Easily apply with a small or large spatula. Allow it to dry overnight. It can also be applied to fabric. The possibilities are endless; decorate a lampshade, pillow, or jean jacket (washable: gently hand wash in cold water and hang to dry.)

8oz covers 1-2 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Easy Crackle
Cottage Paint Easy Crackle

Easy Crackle used in conjunction with Cottage Paint clay/chalk paint produces a cracked paint effect for either an authentic aged look or a fun creative effect by using contrasting colors.

Easy crackle be applied using various techniques to achieve different outcomes.

Once dry, apply a Cottage Paint protective top coats to protect the surface.

8oz covers 30-50 sq. ft and 946ml (quart) covers 120-200 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Metallic Wax
Cottage Paint Metallic Acrylic Wax

Use as a decorative transparent coating to create a metallic appearance. Accent ornate detailing on furniture or hardware.

Apply multiple coats with a waxing brush or damp sponge. Combine two different colors and add interest and depth to your furniture piece.

Dries very fast and allows quick application of multiple coats to create amazing depth in the furniture finish.

Does not need to be clear coated but if more protection is desired, apply a satin or gloss varnish.

Available in five colours: Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Pewter, Bright Gold and Bright Silver.

8 oz jar will cover approximately 30-50 sq. ft.

Cottage Paint Texture Paste
Cottage Paint Texture Paste

If you want to create something really unique, then this is the product for you!

This is the most creative product in the Cottage Paint line and adds a very artistic element to painted furniture.

The possibilities are endless and the effects are amazing especially when combined with other products.

It can create textured stencils or abstract, wood grain, leather, reptile textured patterns plus many other imprinted patterns as well.

With a little knowledge and practice, Texture Paste can make a beginner look like a true furniture artisan.

Once dry, enhance the textured details with Cottage Paint paints, glazes or metallic waxes to create a multitude of different decor furniture stylings.

Some techniques are very easy and others may need a little practice but all are worth the effort.

Available in 8 0z containers.

Cottage Paint Transfer Oil
Cottage Paint Transfer Oil

If you would like to add an artistic image to your furniture project but feel that your drawing skills aren’t up to the task, then this product offers the perfect solution.

Simply print the desired image in black and white from your computer and transfer it onto any painted surface!

Transfer Oil is used to transfer black images printed from a black carbon laser printer onto regular quality paper.

You can transfer images on to varnished or painted surfaces as well as smooth fabrics.

It will not work on an image printed from a colored laser printer or an ink jet printer.

Reverse the image prior to printing if it has any text.